Sunset Stay Safe Organizer

Sunset Stay Safe Organizer

Undoubtedly, the situation caused by COVID-19 is a challenge for the entire tourism industry. It imposes new standards of work but also it encourages us to improve and develop ourselves. Our first steps in this direction are described below, and certainly the dynamics of the market, the new requirements of the clients and the experience we gain will develop and improve us even more.

All the measures we have taken are in accordance with WHO and the local authorities. We monitor the following information on a daily basis and update our actions when necessary.

Additional cleaning and hygiene measures include:

  1. New cleaning equipment – use of towels in different colors to clean the different types of surfaces, use of a new generation virosocidal disinfectants, approved by the Ministry of Health. Sunset Resort works with one of the global leaders in the field of hygiene technologies – Ecolab, which has developed a special "Program 360° Protection" covering all areas in a hotel.
  2. Introduction of new "Cleaning on Demand" service – the guest decides whether he wants his room to be cleaned during his stay.
  3. In addition to the daily cleaning of the apartment during the stay of the guests, the units will be fully disinfected after each check-out.
  4. Removal of decorative elements from the furniture in the apartments which do not comply with the new cleaning protocols (washing at more than 60°C).
  5. Remove all printed materials from the apartments. Digitizing the information folders, as well as the menus of the restaurants. By scanning a QR code, guests can access the information they need using their personal phone devices.
  6. A new procedure for the delivery of hotel’s underwear has been developed in order to comply with the recommendations of the health authorities.
  7. Disinfection once an hour of communal toilets, elevators, reception, door handles, handrails and all other frequently touched surfaces.
  8. Regular disinfection of benches, sunbeds and sunbed’s covers, fitness equipment, pool showers and other frequently touched surfaces located in the common areas.
  9. Placing dispensers with hand sanitizer in key places such as lobby, reception, restaurant entrance, in front of the elevators, etc.
  10. Providing masks and gloves to customers on request. The use of protective masks or helmets, as well as disposable gloves by the staff is mandatory.
  11. A plan has been developed containing measures and procedures for the reception of food and beverages, their storage and preparation in order to ensure compliance with a high level of hygiene. In addition to the improved hygiene conditions in all working areas of restaurants and bars, particular attention is paid to critical points such as buffets, drink dispenser, frequently touched items (tables, chairs, cutlery, spices, etc.).
  12. To ensure the protection of food from secondary contamination when arranged on a buffet, the food will be placed behind a protective plexiglass layer. The customer is self-serving in compliance with the requirements for distance and using protective equipment (disposable gloves provided by Sunset Resort). Guests can also use Room Service against additional charge.

Observance of social distance:

  1. Regulation and control of the flow of guests in order to provide physical distance of at least 1.5 m. Not more than 2 people can check in at a time, unless they are members of one family. Limiting the guest's stay at reception to a minimum and encouraging the use of cash-free payments.
  2. Groups of guests in the lobby who are not members of a family is not allowed.
  3. Please note that a maximum of 2 people are allowed in the elevators, unless they are members of the same family. It is recommended to use the staircases.
  4. There will be placed info signs in different languages indicating the direction to follow, the distance you have to keep and the maximum occupancy in a given place.
  5. Reducing the capacity of the restaurants, bars, conference rooms, swimming pools, entertainment and sports areas in order to keep physical distance.
  6. In the restaurants, the tables are located in a way that provides a distance of not less than 1.5 m between them and not more than 4 people on a table, unless they are a family.
  7. If necessary and agreed with the new requirements for social distance in the restaurants, Sunset Resort is ready to introduce a service mode by hours in the main restaurants.
  8. Creating working conditions which provide physical distance between employees and safety work in accordance with the current legislation.
  9. All recreational activities organized by the animation team will take place outdoors in accordance with the social distance requirements.

Prevention and control:

  1. All employees of Sunset Resort are aware of the measures which have to be followed and implemented. Training was carried out in accordance with the new standards for cleaning and disinfection by a representative of "Eckolab" company in accordance with the developed plan.
  2. Department heads shall observe the implementation of all regulations by the staff and the hotel guests.
  3. All cleaning procedures are registered in specially developed diaries and checklists.
  4. In case of suspicion of a person showing symptoms of COVID-19 infection, he will be isolated in a specially designated room. It is located in "Sunset Family", which is the most remote hotel building. Then all procedures written by the Ministry of Tourism will be followed.
  5. In order to ensure maximum protection for guests of Sunset Resort, the opening of the hotel will take place at a reduced number of facilities, while ensuring the widest possible palette of the offered services. More details can be found on our website and Facebook page.

Attention to detail has always been our trademark. We at Sunset Resort know that cleanliness is of high importance for our guests. For years in all the surveys you, our guests, give the highest rating for the comfort we offer and for the cleanliness of the apartments, common areas, outdoor areas, alleys and everything you touch during your summer vacation. Dispensers at the entrance of the restaurants were placed in 2018. People's health and their security have long been part of our company policy. The current events only show that we are looking in the right direction!