For your wedding


Have It Special, Keep It Precious…

Dear Bridal Couple,

Thank You for choosing Sunset Resort for Your Very Special Day!

Planning, organizing and hosting such a touching event require perfect synchronization between you, the assigners and at the same time our clients and guests, and us – your hosts. In order that your special day turns into an unforgettable and precious lifetime experience, both sides need to hold close communication that would ideally include specification of each and every detail of the event in advance, as well as preparation of a wedding, program, all in line with your desires and requests.

Thus, we creates this wedding questionnaire, which aims at supplying you and us with enough information concerning every single step towards planning the event, at indicating the one-and-only contact person throughout the event, as well as at introducing you to the interior regulations of Sunset Resort. You will find wedding questionnaire on page 4 of this document. Before filling it in, please, take your time and go through following list of services, conditions and prices.


  1. Marriage Ceremony
    • At Sunset Resort, you can organize your marriage ceremony. For this occasion, you can choose between several locations – Sigma or Emerald Hall, or, if the weather it serene, you may decide on an outdoor blessing (most suitable sites, which we recommend, are the alley in front of the fountain within the park area of the Resort or the terrace in front of restaurant Diamond).
    • Before/after the ceremony, we can organize a welcome-drink-reception for you, which we charge as per price list. For this occasion, we offer the use of altogether 20 rentable cocktail tables.
  2. Emerald Hall
    • Most appropriate location for wedding feasts is Emerald Hall. It can be rented for five astronomical hours, starting from the point of guest reception. After this time runs out, we charge an overtime fee.
    • The hall comes with round tables, 190 cm in diameter that are ideal for seating 10 persons, maximum 12 persons. Tables are with draperies, chairs with chair cover, both in white and ecru color, not additionally charged. We offer candle bearers, with three or five sockets, which you can use also charge free. Emerald hall has a PA system with microphone, which can be rented all through the wedding feast.
    • The decoration, as well as the festive entertainment program is responsibility entirely of the bridal couple/the one-and-only contact persons!
    • Sunset Resort does not take any commitment and does not carry any accountability in the manner and style the decoration or the entertainment has been executed.
    • In case of any damages of Emerald Hall during the decoration or the Wedding Party, the hotel reserves the right to charge the Customers. Please note that it is not allowed to: drill of the panel with sharp objects,  use of highly adhesive materials,  use of pyrotechnics, etc.
  3. Accommodation
    • The accommodation in a one-bedroom apartment at Sunset Resort for the bridal couple for their wedding night is complimentary. For the guests we offer accommodation in one-or/and two-bedroom apartments. For the latter it is compulsory to specify the person in charge of the guests” reservations and payments, respectively.
    • One-bedroom apartment – A1 – up to 50 sq. m, comprising one bedroom (partly without window) with double bed and living room, kitchenette, SAT-TV, fold out sofa bed, telephone, balcony or terrace, bathroom with bathtub and/or shower, hair dryer. Accommodation capacity: 2+1
    • Two-bedroom apartment – A2 – up to 70 sq. m, comprising two bedrooms (partly without window) with double bed and twin beds, living room, kitchenette, SAT-TV, fold out sofa bed, telephone, balcony or terrace, bathroom with bathtub and/or shower, hair dryer. Accommodation capacity: 4+1
  4. Catering
    • Our lowest wedding menu price is 60 BGN per person, including 3 soft drinks or mineral water. It is important to specify, if there are vegetarians or people with specific culinary preferences among your guests (if so, please inform us by telling us their names and table seats arrangement). We offer sample banquet menus with options for you to choose from. We also offer our Brides and Grooms an opportunity to sample their chosen. Wedding menu in advance. Tasting sessions are held only if previously appointed, against the price of the corresponding chosen menu. If you should have any additional requests or prefer to combine menus, our chef will be delighted to meet you to put together a menu to suit you.
    • Children – we offer kids menu, which can be composed additionally. If you wish to include a kids menu to your chosen wedding menu, please, inform us in advance.
    • Additional orders – it is important to specify the person in charge of covering all additional orders and their payment, i. e. if this should be the bridal couple or the guests themselves. Naturally, if you intend to cover some of the additional orders, you can limit these to some soft drinks or coffee.
    • Bringing along soft drinks, mineral water, juice, energy drinks, beer and draught alcohol in bottles or similar of more than 5 liters is NOT allowed!
  5. Price list – all prices are with included VAT!
    • Prices may be subject to change!
    • Accommodation – all prices are in BGN per unit without sea view per day with breakfast included. Rates are defined according to the season, in which event takes place. If you would like to stay in another type of units, they can be booked at reception prices valid at the time of booking. You can see current prices at
    • The amount of the reservation is non-refundble!
      Apartment types 01.01 - 31.05
      26.09- 31.12
      01.06 - 20.06
      10.09 - 25.09
      21.06 - 05.07
      26.08 - 09.09
      06.07 - 25.08
      A1 130,00 160,00 190,00 250,00
      A2 190,00 250,00 300,00 360,00
    • Rent location for wedding ceremony – 150 BGN per hour. Includes 20 chairs (white or ecru color), draped buffet and ritual table 90/90 sm. 5 BGN for each additional chair;
    • Overtime Emerald hall – 200 BGN per hour. From 3:00 – 300 BGN per hour;
    • Service charge  – 3 BGN per person;
    • Welcome drink champagne – 3 BGN per glass;
    • PA system charge Emerald hall, including technician – 300 BGN throughout the whole feast;
    • Chicken arrangement (according to Bulgarian ritual) – 50 BGN;
    • Rent cocktail tables (for reception) – 10 BGN per table.
    • All final arrangements concerning number of guests, time of wedding ceremony/feast, table arrangement, menus, bring in of spirits, nuts and appetizers are to be confirmed and agreed upon 1 week before the wedding day. After this deadline, no amendments will be accepted!